Criticism Mounts in K-pop Community as IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Faces Malicious Comments from Elementary School Fan

Jang Wonyoung, a prominent member of the K-pop group IVE, has recently become the target of malicious comments following an incident involving a young fan.

The idol’s reaction during the encounter has sparked debates in online communities, with some criticizing her response and others defending her actions.

The incident occurred on July 24th when Jang Wonyoung was approached by a male elementary school fan who attempted to touch her.

Startled by the unexpected gesture, Jang Wonyoung quickly moved away from the young boy.

Thankfully, a female staff member was present and promptly intervened to ensure the situation was handled appropriately.

In the aftermath of the incident, various online communities, notably the “Mam Cafe,” erupted in discussions and criticisms.

Some netizens questioned whether Jang Wonyoung‘s reaction was warranted, expressing their views on whether she overreacted in the situation.

Comments like “Jang Wonyoung went too far. It could have been a memorable moment for the child, but did she have to react like that?” were among the sentiments shared.

In contrast, some members of the online communities defended Jang Wonyoung’s actions, arguing that she had every right to be startled.

One user commented, “From the child’s perspective, he might have been happy, but Jang Wonyoung had every right to be startled. Isn’t it strange to suddenly touch someone without permission? It’s fortunate she didn’t scream.”

However, the situation escalated further when Jang Wonyoung‘s Instagram comments section became inundated with insults, emoticons, and abusive language from anonymous users.

Even overseas fans joined in, leaving malicious comments such as “pool child (poor child),” drawing widespread attention to the matter.

In a separate development, on July 25th, IVE‘s agency, Starship Entertainment, made a statement revealing that they had taken legal action against persistent malicious commenters back in October of the previous year.

The agency asserted their commitment to protecting their artists from harmful online behaviors and emphasized their stance against malicious commenters.

As the incident continues to make waves in the K-pop community, discussions on the responsibility of fans and artists in maintaining healthy interactions are ongoing.

The issue also raises awareness of the impact of online harassment on celebrities’ mental well-being and prompts industry stakeholders to consider measures to protect artists from malicious comments and cyberbullying.

The case of Jang Wonyoung serves as a reminder that online communities should promote respect and empathy, fostering a positive environment for both fans and their beloved idols.



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