“No More Blonde for Karina?” aespa Karina Reveals Efforts to Manage Damaged Hair During Dress Fitting

aespa‘s Karina Expresses Concern Over Damaged Hair During Dress Fitting

Seoul, South Korea – aespa member Karina recently shared her worries about her damaged hair in a video released on aespa‘s official YouTube account titled “I Briefly Lost My Memory Because I Looked Too Beautiful.”

In the footage, Karina revealed her experiences during a dress fitting session and shed light on her efforts to manage her hair.

During the video, Karina explained that she had visited the dress fitting session and was planning to try on two dresses.

She showcased her hair, which was tied up to avoid any messiness. “I tried my best to keep my hair from being bothersome during the fitting,” she explained.

While acknowledging that her hairstyle might not look perfect, Karina emphasized her dedication to ensuring it didn’t cause any inconvenience.

This concern over damaged hair is not new for Karina. In a previous appearance on JTBC‘s variety show ‘Knowing Bros,’ she candidly admitted to the severe damage her hair had suffered due to frequent bleaching.

Karina stated, “My hair is all broken, and when I take off the hair extensions, I look like a burnt sparrow.”

She even revealed her decision to steer clear of blonde hair for the next five years to prioritize hair health.

In a lighthearted moment during the dress fitting, Karina jokingly addressed potential grooms watching the video, saying, “If you’re here, you should faint when the curtain opens to make a good impression.

She continued, “Pretend to faint when the curtain gets wet. While playing unconscious, think about what to say and when you wake up, tell me, ‘You look so beautiful. I briefly lost my memory because you’re so pretty.'”

Karina proceeded to try on two black dresses during the fitting. While the first dress made her feel a bit awkward, she expressed her fondness for the second one, noting its better reception on set. “This dress suits me well,” she affirmed, striking various poses with confidence.

Considering the importance of her appearance in the dress, Karina said, “I can’t afford to mess up my hair now that I’m wearing the dress.”

She carefully posed, explaining that her current makeup style, influenced by her idol image, did not perfectly match the dress’s desired attitude.

In other news, Karina recently made an appearance at the Thom Browne Men’s and Women’s Couture Collection held in Paris, France, highlighting her growing presence in the global fashion scene.

Fans can follow Karina‘s journey and stay updated on aespa‘s activities through their official social media channels and YouTube account.



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