“Make way for the 4th gen queen!” A 38-year-old idol is getting attention because she looks like aespa’s Karina in new photos

“It’s giving the 4th generation queen.”

Karina from aespa is one of the most talked about fourth-generation heroes because of her skills and the fact that she looks like an AI.

A second-generation idol recently got a lot of attention because she looked a lot like a beautiful fourth-generation idol.

Sandara Park recently said that her new solo album, SANDARA PARK, would be her first as a single artist.

The star posted a short video with an entertainment park in it to get fans excited about what’s to come.

After the teaser video, Sandara posted a few concept photos that showed how fun and whimsical the design of her record is likely to be. Some of the pictures even look like Barbie!

When the second set of teaser pictures came out, some fans started to get confused. Even though it’s easy to tell that it’s Sandara in the third and fourth pictures,

Sandara shared a post asking which look was fans’ favorite so far, and at the time this article was written, the lookalike look had the most votes by a large margin.

Fans couldn’t help but comment on how beautiful she was and say how much she looked like Karina.


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