“She is stunning!” NewJeans Hyein’s Is Making Headlines With Her Gorgeous Pre-Debut Pics

She has the most pictures from before she joined the group.

Hyein of NewJeans is known to have had a busy life before she joined the group. Before she became a real hero, she was well-known as a model for kids.

So, she is one of the members with the most pictures from before their debut.

Recently, pictures of her before she became famous showed up again on an online group and got a lot of attention.

Even as a child, she could see things perfectly.

Did you know she also walked the runway?

She showed off her moves at a fashion show for a line of clothes for kids.

We’d love to see her walk down the runway again.

She has done a lot of shooting for different magazines.

This one of her in a beautiful dress is our favorite.

Hyein also had a small part in a webdrama!

Many people on the Internet thought that she was born to be an idol. She not only looks right for it, but she also has the ability.

“So this is what it means to be meant to be an idol.”

“That’s why she started out.”

“I would let her make her appearance as anything, even as a model, if I were them.”

“She is very good at understanding ideas. She makes it all work.”

“What the heck.”


“Even if they don’t eat, her parents must be full.”

She was made to be in the center.



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