“I feel sad for her” BoA Opens Up About Struggles in Entertainment Industry During ‘Dance Singer Travel Squad’ Broadcast

Popular singer BoA has candidly shared the challenges she has faced throughout her extensive career in the entertainment industry.

During the recent episode of tvN’s variety program “Dance Singer Travel Squad,” which aired on June 8th, viewers were given a glimpse into the members’ journey to Yeosu.

On this particular day, BoA took a reflective stance, expressing her frustrations regarding the lack of recognition she receives.

She revealed, “I also crave compliments and a sense of achievement, but unfortunately, after every stage performance, I am met with criticism instead. This continuous pattern has led to a decline in my self-esteem.”

Continuing her heartfelt confession, BoA further elaborated, “Even my friends these days rarely offer simple words of encouragement like ‘You did well, BoA’ or ‘It was enjoyable.’

In response, fellow member Lee Hyori chimed in, questioning the purpose of such evaluations.

BoA then emphasized how a single phrase, such as “You had a great performance,” holds the power to sustain her career as a singer.

However, she lamented the current trend where people approach the industry from a purely business-oriented perspective. Unveiling her innermost sentiments, she added, “This shift in focus only amplifies the feelings of emptiness and loneliness when I stand on the stage.”

Despite these challenges, BoA also found solace and fulfillment in performing with the “Dance Singer Travel Squad.”

She expressed her contentment, stating, “When I take the stage alongside my fellow members, I experience healing and regain a sense of youthfulness. It’s a refreshing change, as if I am the youngest member rather than the leader.”

BoA‘s honest revelations have resonated with fans and industry insiders alike, shedding light on the often unseen struggles faced by artists within the competitive entertainment sphere.



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