“I feel bad for her” Former f(x) Amber Shares Heartbreaking Tale of Near Bankruptcy Caused by Ex-Boyfriend’s Gaslighting

Amber, former member of the popular K-pop group f(x), recently shared a deeply personal story of how she narrowly avoided financial ruin due to gaslighting by her ex-boyfriend.

According to reports from Chinese media outlets like Sina.com on June 7th, Amber opened up about her past relationship during a recent live broadcast.

In her candid revelation, she disclosed, “I have had a history of dating bad guys since I was young. I’m relieved that they are all in the past now. It seems like I haven’t found the right person for me yet, but I won’t give up. While many people have lost faith in marriage, I still believe in finding the right person.”

She went on to describe her ex-boyfriend as skilled in gaslighting, admitting that she was oblivious to his manipulative tactics at the time.

It wasn’t until her friends pointed out that she should prioritize her own well-being that she realized she had been a victim of gaslighting.

Amber explained, “I was constantly spending money and burdened by guilt. Even in challenging situations, I believed I couldn’t live without him. My self-esteem suffered, and I became a mess.”

Expressing her frustration, Amber stated, “My ex-boyfriend was truly a terrible person. He took a substantial amount of money from me, pushing me to the brink of bankruptcy. While I used to strive to treat everyone well, I now despise that mentality. Nonetheless, I have resolved to become a better person.”

Amber rose to fame as a member of f(x) when the group debuted in South Korea in 2009. Known for their catchy tunes and energetic performances, f(x) released numerous hit tracks including “Nu Abo,” “Hot Summer,” “Pinocchio,” and “Red Light.”

Additionally, Amber made appearances on various Korean entertainment programs, showcasing her versatile talents.

However, her activities became limited after her contract with SM Entertainment ended in 2019. Since then, she has focused primarily on her solo career in the United States, delivering albums like “Paradise,” “White Noise,” and “X.”

Currently, viewers can catch her on the show “Real Men 4,” where she is making her presence felt.



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