“Queen Behavior!” Somi Goes Viral for Her Professionalism in Dealing with Wardrobe Malfunction

She is a queen!

Solo singer Somi is getting a lot of attention for how she handled a wardrobe malfunction in a professional way.

This past weekend, Somi did a show at the So Wonderful Festival in Taiwan.

As usual, Somi gave a show that was full of energy. While she was dancing to “Birthday,” the strap of her dress fell off her shoulder.

She kept dancing and fixed the strap in a casual way. Somi took care of it like the pro that she is.

At the time of writing, this moment had been seen 443,600 times and liked 30,000 times on TikTok.

Somi gave a great show, as expected, even though there was a problem with her clothes.


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