“You can’t guess it” LE SSERAFIM are so close that they call each other “family”, However, there is one thing where they all disagree

Not that it bothers them!

LE SSERAFIM has never been afraid to say how much they love each other. This is because they spent a lot of time together training and living in the same dorm.

They think of each other as their sisters and call the group “family.” People want to be friends with them.

“I think we got too close to each other,” Chaewon joked in a recent interview. “Not enough. We now feel like a real family. We get along so well and work well as a team, and I think that shows on stage as well.”

Also, everything about how they move is easy. “When we’re all together, we laugh at the smallest things,” the boss said.

They said that Sakura was like a “witty older sister,” Chaewon was a “overachiever,” Yunjin was a “rebellious middle child,” Kazuha was the “graceful free-thinker,” and Eunchae was the “playful maknae.”

But that doesn’t mean that they get along perfectly! They said that the one place where they don’t agree is when it comes to following the rules and giving in to each other.

When asked to name the person who has the hardest time following rules, the members laughed out loud. Chaewon says, “All of us!” as Sakura and Eunchae clap their hands. We are all very “my way or the highway.”

Even though they are both stubborn, they would not give up their friendship for anything. “I’m grateful to have them by my side,” Yunjin said.



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