“My stomach hurts from laughing” aespa’s Karina likes a craziest post — NingNing has the best reaction ever

NingNing really is the funniest of the group.

The aespa girls just made their own Instagram accounts. After working for a few years, it’s about time!

Fans have fun with the girls’ exchanges on Instagram because they are so real. They went to eat pork belly as soon as they got home from the 76th Cannes Film Festival. The meal was, of course, shown on Instagram stories.

When Karina hit “like” on an outside post, the girls had another good time. She liked a picture of a hedgehog that had been taped to a board and was ready to be x-rayed.

Because the picture was so cute, it quickly spread on Twitter and became a joke. It was later shared on Instagram, which is where Karina saw it. It was fun for more than just the fans. NingNing, another member, replied to the post in the usual way that fans talk.

Who wants to see how an x-ray is taken by a hedgehog? Click here if you want to see cute things, cute memes of animals, or animals that people like.

@aniiimal_ NingNing: Karina liked this post.
Fans often use this way of talking to draw attention to the fact that a star liked a post or replied to it.

NingNing‘s “fan cosplay” got a lot of attention. People on the Internet liked how funny she was.

Ah, it’s so wtheck that it’s f*cking funny LOL.

Netizens then commented:

“Both Karina and NingNing seem to play well LOL”
“Cute LOL”
“No, but hahaha NingNing has a lot of funny things going on.”
“They should have let them use Instagram from the beginning LOL”
“Crazy LOL”
NingNing is truly hilarious hahaha”
“Ah, so funny LOL”

NingNing may look like the coolest person on the planet, but she is definitely the funniest member.



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