Lee Seung Gi deletes all of his IG posts – His agency refutes speculations

Did he get hacked?

Netizens were confused by an update that singer and actor Lee Seung Gi made on social media recently.

Since 2015, when he made an Instagram account, Lee Seung Gi has used his posts to talk to his fans.

He shared important news on his Instagram, like the fact that he was getting married to Lee Da In.

So, when Lee Seung Gi quickly deleted everything from his Instagram account, including his profile picture, people thought it was strange.

Some people thought that his account had been hacked or that he had a “change of heart.”

His business, HumanMade, made a statement on May 30 that explained why he did what he did.

It is true that Lee Seung Gi himself deleted the posts on social media. It wasn’t because of hacking or a change of heart, but because it was time to renew. — HumanMade

Lee Seung Gi left HOOK Entertainment in December 2022 because the CEO, Kwon Jin Young, never paid him for his songs and tried to trick him into thinking he wasn’t a “profitable singer.”

He then joined HumanMade, which is a one-person agency.



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