“Her transformation is really inspiring” SISTAR’s Soyou Stuns Fans with Her Mind-Blowing Weight Loss Journey

She turned away from the path to being fat.

Soyou used to be in SISTAR, which is one of the most famous second-generation K-Pop girl groups.

Recently, she shocked her fans with how much she had changed physically.

Soyou was often praised for her amazing body proportions back when she was promoting with SISTAR. She not only had a great hourglass shape, but her toned muscles also gave her a look of athletic grace.

During the pandemic, though, it was hard for the singer to stay fit and keep her body in shape. Soyou shared with her fans on YouTube in 2021 that she had hit her heaviest weight ever, which was 62.4 kg.

She shared pictures of her body and said that she had been told she had mild obesity.

But when her body changed in a way she hadn’t expected, the star was determined to get back to her old shape.

She lost a lot of weight by watching what she ate and going to the gym in just six weeks. She did, however, warn fans that her diet and workout plan were made for her body and that simply following it won’t help them.

Her body was changing quickly, and in an editorial in the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, she showed off her increased confidence.

But it seems like Soyou didn’t stop when she lost the weight she had gained back then. In her most recent Instagram post, the singer posed naked to show off her well-toned abs. She wrote “Just wait until Summer” under it.

Fans were, of course, blown away by her post.

“I’m looking forward 🔥🔥”
“Those abs are on fire!”
But some people thought that her comment might be a hint at SISTAR‘s long-awaited comeback. They are still called the “Summer Queens” of Korea, after all.

Soyou is ready to set fire to this Summer, whether it’s a hint at new songs or just a celebration of her own body.



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