“Her reason is really funny!” BLACKPINK Lisa reveals why she choose not to post photos while wearing swimsuits

Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK, talks about her mother at a recent fanmeeting in Thailand. This shows how she can connect with fans.

Lisa from BLACKPINK went to her home country of Thailand on May 26 (local time) to attend a fanmeeting for True ID Thailand, which is a place to read news and watch different kinds of material in the country.

Lisa wore a beautiful red off-the-shoulder top and black pants. Her long, flowing brown hair made her look like a princess. She also told stories that got people’s attention.

Lisa teased fans at the fanmeeting by saying that she likes to go to the beach and wear a bikini, but she can’t post pictures of that on SNS.

“I’m shy and I think my mother would scold me,” the female star said. Her witty answer caught people’s attention and made a lot of fans feel like they could relate to her.

Lisa almost cried at the same event when she said that wearing a traditional Thai dress in the “Lalisa” music video was one of her biggest accomplishments.

She said, “I’m really proud of that and thrilled that everyone likes it.”



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