“This is so ridiculous!” Some Korean EXO Fans Made A Protest Demanding For Removal Of Chen and Chanyeol From EXO

Truck Protest Demands Departure of EXO Members Chen and Chanyeol

In a fervent display of dissatisfaction, fans of the K-pop group EXO have organized a truck protest calling for the departure of members Chen and Chanyeol.

The demonstration took place on the morning of the 26th in front of SM Entertainment, the agency representing EXO.

Banners displayed on the trucks read messages such as “Chen and Chanyeol, who harmed the group, resign. Stop deceiving fans. EXO doesn’t need malicious members. Chen and Chanyeol out,” and “Maintain the EXO 6-member system, guarantee activities, protect the artists. SM, don’t just stand by anymore.”

The protest, demanding the removal of Chen and Chanyeol from the group and the continuation of activities with the 6-member lineup, has been organized by devoted fans and has been ongoing since the morning of the 26th.

The controversy surrounding Chen began in 2020 when he publicly announced his relationship, premarital pregnancy, and marriage.

Fans were disappointed by the sudden news and felt that the EXO members had not taken their feelings into consideration. As a result, fans demanded Chen‘s departure from the group.

Within the EXO fandom, various methods were employed to express the fans’ discontent, including hashtag campaigns on Twitter, delivery protests, and bus advertisements, all calling for Chen‘s exit.

In response to the uproar, Chen published an apology letter, expressing his heartfelt apologies to the surprised and taken-aback fans.

He acknowledged the love and support he had received, recognizing that it was because of the fans’ dedication that he had come this far.

SM Entertainment, in their official statement, revealed that discussions were held with all the EXO members before the official announcement of Chen’s marriage.

The agency emphasized that the members expressed their desire to continue together, taking into account the pain caused by past member withdrawals. SM Entertainment firmly stated that there would be no changes in the lineup.

Chen, who married his non-celebrity girlfriend in 2020 and now has two daughters, has been juggling his activities in EXO with solo projects since completing his military service in April of last year.

He recently released a new song titled “Before the Petals Fall” and manages a personal YouTube channel.

Unlike other EXO members, he does not have personal social media or community platforms through which to interact with fans.

Chanyeol found himself embroiled in a privacy controversy in 2020 when an individual claiming to be his ex-girlfriend, referred to as A, made public disclosures about their relationship.

A alleged that Chanyeol engaged in inappropriate relationships with ten other women during their time together. Neither the agency nor Chanyeol issued official statements addressing these allegations.

Following the controversy, Chanyeol withdrew from public communication and went on hiatus. In March 2021, he enlisted in the military for his mandatory service as an active-duty soldier.

In May of the same year, SM Entertainment announced that they had taken legal action against individuals who spread false information about Chanyeol, with the police forwarding the case to the prosecution for further investigation.

Despite the passing of time, fans persist in their demand for the departure of Chen and Chanyeol from EXO, as the controversy surrounding their personal lives continues to resonate within the fandom.



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