“Oh yes, He’s so damn hot!” Wi Ha Joon Surprises Fans with Steamy Cover of a K-Pop Dance at Latest Fan Meeting

“That man can do literally anything!”

Wi Ha Joon has always gotten a lot of attention from netizens, whether for his amazing playing in shows like Squid Game and Little Women

The amazing stunts he did in Bad and Crazy

His good looks and sexiness…

Or his amazing dance versions of K-Pop songs.

Ha Joon‘s dancing at his first fan meeting, which was recently held in Manila, left fans speechless.

Fans loved the fan meeting and were impressed by how he looked in real life.

His warm-hearted nature.

His comedy skills.

And his long-awaited dance albums.

But what fans didn’t expect to see was Ha Joon‘s version of Rain’s “Rainism.”

Not only did people compliment his dancing, but…

But they couldn’t describe how hot the dance was.

Ha Joon continues to amaze his fans with the wide range of skills he has.



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