“Did she get a nose job?” — Lee Chae Yeon Wraps Up Successful Comeback, Sparks Speculation About Her Appearance

Lee Chae Yeon recently concluded her comeback promotions with her latest track, “Knock.”

While her comeback was well-received by fans, some netizens have raised questions about whether or not her face has undergone any changes.

This article delves into the speculations surrounding Lee Chae Yeon‘s appearance and presents a collection of comments from netizens on the matter.

On May 20th, an online post on a popular community forum caught attention by posing the question of whether Lee Chae Yeon had undergone a nose job prior to her comeback with “Knock.” The post included two screenshots from a music show featuring the K-pop star.

As the discussion gained traction, netizens took to the comments section to express their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Here are some of the comments from the online community:

“Haters hate on her because this comeback was great lol”

“I don’t understand why Lee Chae Ryeong is getting more beautiful but Lee Chae Yeon isn’t.”

“OP, you should do a job for yourself.”

“When she smiles, her nose doesn’t change shape.”

“I think it has to do with her makeup.”

Despite the ongoing controversy, Lee Chae Yeon has achieved significant success with her latest release, “Knock.” The music video, released on April 12th, quickly amassed 10 million views in just four days.

The song also entered Melon’s real-time charts and daily charts, further solidifying her position as a talented artist.

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