“This is so hillarious!” GOT7’s Jackson Wang Totally Misunderstands Fans’ Compliment

In more than one way, it was hot.

Jackson Wang of GOT7 had no idea what his fans wanted.

Jackson is on his 2023 MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR at the moment. He just did his concert in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jackson was worried about the people who were there during soundcheck. At first, he didn’t know what they were saying, so he stopped and listened as they kept chanting and making noise.

Jackson could hear how many times the fans said “hot.”

He was afraid they were too hot and about to get too hot. So, he asked the workers to turn on the air conditioner.

Jackson Wang: What? It’s so hot, huh? Okay. Can we turn on the air conditioner?

Fans: No, you are!!!

Jackson finally heard the people say again that he was the one who was hot, not them. When he finally figured out what he had done wrong, he had to laugh!



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