LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Revealing Outfit And Inappropriate Choreography Caused Another Fiery Debate About Minor Idols

LE SSERAFIM has always stood out because of how the band members look and move on stage. But recently, people on the Internet have asked if the style and dance of the group’s most recent song are right for Eunchae, who is the youngest member.

Recently, LE SSERAFIM has been pushing their new song “UNFORGIVEN.” Even though the reviews of the song were mixed, the members’ shows have always been a big draw for fans.

Even though the song has been out for a while, the style and dancing of Eunchae have become a hot topic on the Internet.

One of the group’s fans talked about their worries, saying that since Eunchae was born in 2006 and is still a minor, Source Music doesn’t fit with the group’s idea. They are worried that it is being made for the older people.

It worried the fan even more because they were doing one of the more “provocative” moves from the dance.

Even though Eunchae is in the back and not as noticeable, many people found it unsettling to watch.

When the post was shared on Reddit, it got a lot of attention right away, and fans shared their own worries and shock that Eunchae‘s place as the youngest in LE SSERAFIM hasn’t been talked about more.

Fans were also worried about other idols who were about to make their debuts, especially the youngest members who would be playing with idols who were much older than them.

Netizens have been worried about the song’s choreography before, but this time it seems to be because of the ongoing argument about idols coming out too early.



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