“This is shocking!” Former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam’s Recent Status Update Revealed

In a recent turn of events, former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam has become the center of attention with her latest update.

On the May 15th episode of tvN’s ‘Free Doctor,’ the ongoing controversy surrounding school violence in the entertainment industry took the spotlight.

Kim Garam had caught the most attention among the group members during their debut due to her exceptional visuals and talent.

However, shortly after the release of their debut teaser, she faced accusations of being involved in school violence through numerous exposé posts.

Consequently, she made the surprising announcement of her departure from the group just two months after their debut.

Investigations into her past revealed that during her middle school years, Kim Garam associated with friends who had a negative influence.

As a result, she frequently endured verbal abuse and became the target of public attacks on social media.

Following the accusations, HYBE Entertainment, the agency managing LE SSERAFIM, denied the allegations of school violence and asserted that Kim Garam was, in fact, the victim.

However, the situation took a different turn when Kim Garam‘s middle school classmates came forward and revealed her behavior during that time.

Incriminating photos surfaced, showcasing Kim Garam striking poses or making offensive gestures in front of a blackboard filled with vulgar remarks.

These images raised further questions about her character and actions during her school days.

In response to the controversy, online community posts emerged, contradicting the claims of school violence.

According to these posts, the initial whistleblower, referred to as individual A, shared revealing photos of one of Kim Garam‘s friends on social media.

Kim Garam protested against this act on behalf of her friend, which resulted in the escalation of the issue, highlighting the conflict among friends rather than being a case of school violence.

As the situation unfolded, evidence supporting disciplinary action against Kim Garam for her involvement in school violence came to light.

The severity of the punishment she received, categorized as level 5, indicates a significant repercussion.

Ultimately, Kim Garam decided to terminate her exclusive contract merely three months after her debut, putting an end to her journey with LE SSERAFIM.

Recent reports reveal that she has returned to being a student and is currently pursuing studies in the acting department at S High School.

On a different note, ‘Free Doctor,’ the show that aired this controversial episode, is a program that shares essential knowledge for life with doctors from various fields. It airs every Monday at 9 a.m., offering viewers valuable insights.

Netizens’ Comments:

User123: This is such a mess! I feel bad for Kim Garam. It’s sad to see her career taking such a rocky turn.

KpopFan99: Wow, I didn’t expect this from Kim Garam. It’s disappointing to hear about her involvement in school violence. She should have known better, especially as an idol.

DramaLover23: I hope the truth comes out soon. It’s hard to judge someone based on allegations alone. Let’s wait for more evidence before jumping to conclusions.

MusicFreak88: HYBE Entertainment needs to clarify their stance properly. First, they deny the allegations, and now they admit Kim Garam was involved. It’s confusing and unprofessional.

PopCultureGeek: It’s a shame that school violence is still prevalent in the industry. Companies need to be more thorough when selecting trainees and monitor their behavior closely.



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