“It’s All for Clout!” Fans are not convinced by HBO’s suggestion that BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s role in “The Idol” might be larger than anticipated

“They say that Jennie Ruby Jane will be the star, but she will only have 15 seconds…”

When it was reported in 2022 that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie would be acting in the new HBO show The Idol, BLINKs couldn’t hide their excitement.

Well, it looks like HBO might be hinting that Jennie will play a big part in the show, but fans aren’t buying it.

Since the news, netizens have gotten sneak peeks of Jennie’s acting debut, which have shown that the idol will play a bad guy.

When it was said that Jennie would be at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the show, things got even more excited.

Well, new shots from an event show that HBO is really pushing Jennie‘s part in The Idol. In the photos posted by a Thai account that was at an event about future projects, there were ads for upcoming HBO shows like “The Idol.”

Even though there were rumors that Jennie‘s part wouldn’t be as big as expected, many people couldn’t hide their excitement over the fact that Jennie seems to be one of the main characters in the advertising.

Even though some fans were happy that Jennie might have a bigger part, it wasn’t surprising that others were worried.

Especially after the crew said, “Jennie doesn’t get much air time,” many people worry that it’s all done for power and that her name is being used to get people excited about the show.

Given the controversy about the show before it even started, it will be interesting to see what Jennie’s part is and if they are “using her for clout.”



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