Han So Hee’s Instagram photos with friends give us a glimpse of the actress’ down-to-earth personality

Actress Han So Hee is known not just for her remarkable acting skills but also for her stunning visuals and close-knit group of friends.

Recently, the 27-year-old star took to her social media accounts to share a glimpse of her fun outing with some of her close model friends.

On May 14th, Han So Hee shared a series of instant photos with popular models Hong Yu Kyung, Hong Tae Jun, and Chae Jong Seok.

The caption was simple yet mysterious, “Outing.” The images showed the four friends having a good time, striking poses, and sharing lots of laughter.

The post quickly caught the attention of her fans and followers, who couldn’t help but gush over how beautiful and radiant Han So Hee looked in the photos.

Netizens also couldn’t help but notice the strong bond between the actress and her model friends, with many commenting on how lovely it is to see celebrities supporting each other.

Here are some of the comments left by netizens on Han So Hee’s post:

“You guys are so cute! Love seeing celebrities having fun together.”

“This is such a wholesome post. It’s nice to see that even famous people have friends they can rely on.”

“I’ve been a fan of Han So Hee since ‘The World of the Married’ and I’m glad to see her hanging out with her friends. She deserves to have fun after all her hard work!”

“Wow, Han So Hee is so pretty! She looks like a doll.”

“I love how natural and carefree they all look. This is the kind of friendship we all need in our lives.”

“Han So Hee and her friends are friendship goals! I wish I had a group of friends like them.”

“I’ve never seen these models before but they’re all so stunning. I’m glad they’re all friends with Han So Hee.”

“I can’t believe how close they all are. It’s so nice to see celebrities who genuinely enjoy each other’s company.”

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