“She drastically lose weight” Winter’s Visible Ribs Spark Concerns About Her Health Among aespa Fanbase

Winter‘s Slim Figure Raises Concerns Among Fans During aespa‘s Comeback

aespa made a captivating appearance on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on May 11th, delighting fans with performances of their title track “Spicy” and the B-side track “Salty & Sweet” from their latest album.

One aspect that drew significant attention was Winter’s noticeably slender physique during the performance of “Spicy.”

Dressed in a pink crop top that accentuated her waist, paired with a tennis skirt, Winter showcased her flawless dance lines and mesmerizing stage presence.

However, alongside her doll-like beauty, Winter‘s raised arms during the choreography revealed her visible ribs, raising concerns among fans. The delicate appearance of her wrists and forearms further fueled worries about her well-being. During the performance of “Salty & Sweet,” Winter‘s slender jawline without any visible facial fat became the focal point of discussions, solidifying her status as the center of attention.

Online users have expressed their opinions, with some stating that they preferred Winter‘s previous appearance and finding her current look too sharp or extreme.

Adding to the concern, Winter had to miss a performance in Japan last month due to an unexpected health condition.

In a press conference held on May 8th, Winter addressed her health issues, expressing her regrets for being unable to be with the Japanese fans and acknowledging the concerns raised among fans and fellow members.

She reassured everyone that she has fully recovered and is currently in excellent health.

Despite Winter‘s personal assurance of her recovery, fans continue to voice their worries about her significant weight loss and its potential impact on her well-being.

On a brighter note, aespa‘s third mini-album, ‘MY WORLD,’ released on the 8th, has achieved remarkable success.

Not only did it set a new record for the highest first-day sales among all K-pop girl groups, with an impressive 1,372,929 copies sold, but it has also dominated major domestic music charts and claimed the top spot on iTunes Top Albums charts in 20 regions worldwide.

The album’s release has garnered tremendous enthusiasm and support from fans around the globe.

As fans eagerly anticipate aespa’s future activities, they hope to see Winter in a healthier state and trust that her well-being remains a priority for the group.



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