“Stop attacking IU” IU Confronts Plagiarism Allegations, EDAM Entertainment Vows to Fight Back Against Baseless Claims

Actress and singer IU has swiftly addressed the recent “plagiarism allegations” leveled against her. Her agency, EDAM Entertainment, issued a statement expressing their commitment to combating these claims, as well as espionage rumors, sexual harassment, and other baseless accusations.

On May 10th, EDAM Entertainment revealed that they have been aware of false plagiarism accusations and the dissemination of misleading rumors based on unfounded information for several months.

These allegations have spread across online communities, social media platforms, YouTube, and certain regions.

The agency stated, “Since the allegations were raised, we have been collecting evidence regarding plagiarism, espionage rumors, sexual harassment, defamation, the spread of false information, and invasion of privacy. We have submitted a complaint to the investigative authorities through the law firm Shinwon.”

IU herself expressed that she had been awaiting updates on the progress of the investigation and recently discovered an article reporting that she had been reported to the police on suspicion of plagiarism.

However, the agency clarified, “We have not received any official communication from the investigative authorities, nor have we been able to confirm the contents of the complaint mentioned in the media.”

In essence, the plagiarism allegations have been made, and the agency has taken legal action against these unfounded rumors.

The main point of today’s statement was that IU has been accused of plagiarism by an individual.

EDAM Entertainment also highlighted that IU, as well as the agency, staff, business partners, and acquaintances, have been subjected to psychological and verbal violence.

They emphasized that anyone engaging in criminal activities such as repeatedly posting malicious content that defames character, spreads rumors, or reproduces false information will face strong and unwavering legal consequences.

In a final appeal to fans, the agency stated, “If you encounter malicious posts that infringe upon the artist’s personal rights, spread rumors, or engage in clear criminal acts, please report them to our official email account.”

Meanwhile, Maeil Business Newspaper reported on the same day that IU had been reported to the police for six songs, including “Peach Shoes” and “Good Day,” by an individual referred to as Person A, who is not a celebrity.

One of these six songs was a track in which IU participated as a co-composer.

@MusicLover21: I can’t believe people are accusing IU of plagiarism! She’s an incredibly talented artist, and these allegations seem baseless. Let’s wait for the investigation to conclude before jumping to conclusions. #SupportIU

@FanGirlForever: It’s disheartening to see IU being targeted by these accusations. She’s always been genuine and hardworking. I hope the truth comes out, and she receives the justice she deserves. Stay strong, IU! We love you! ❤️ #StandWithIU

@KpopFanatic: Plagiarism allegations are serious, but we shouldn’t rush to judgment. Let the authorities conduct a thorough investigation and reveal the truth. IU has always been known for her originality and talent. I believe in her innocence. #TrustIU

@NewsWatcher: This situation is getting out of hand. People need to stop spreading false rumors and making baseless accusations. Let’s wait for the facts to emerge before making judgments. IU‘s agency is taking legal action, and that’s the right approach. #StopSpreadingHate

@MusicExpert: Plagiarism claims should not be taken lightly, but it’s crucial to remember that artists can be inspired by each other without intentionally copying.



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