Song Jia Finds a New Beginning with Sublime Agency

Popular YouTuber Song Jia, known by her online persona “Free Zia,” has recently found a new home for her career.

On May 10th, Sublime, a management company under the HLL group, announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with Song Jia, recognizing her influence and multi-faceted talents as a creator and YouTuber.

HLL and Sublime expressed their excitement about partnering with Song Jia on her new journey, acknowledging her diverse skills and accomplishments.

Through her active presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Song Jia has been sharing her daily life, beauty tips, and fashion sense with her fans, steadily expanding her popularity.

Song Jia gained global attention for her stunning features and flawless physique when she appeared in the widely acclaimed Netflix series “Single’s Inferno” in 2021.

Sublime, the agency that secured an exclusive contract with Song Jia, represents a roster of esteemed actors, singers, models, and influencers in South Korea.

Notable figures under Sublime’s management include actors Song Kang-ho, Go So-young, Kim Hee-jung, Yoon Jung-hee, Ki Eun-se, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young, EXID’s Hani, model Kim Jin-kyung, and Han Hyun-min.

With Song Jia now joining forces with Sublime, there is great anticipation among fans and the public about the future direction of her career and the image she will present.

However, Song Jia had faced a controversy last year when it came to light that she had used counterfeit luxury bags and shoes.

As the controversy escalated, she admitted to her use of counterfeit items and issued a sincere apology, followed by a period of self-reflection.

After a hiatus of approximately four months, Song Jia announced her comeback on Instagram in June of the previous year.

Earlier this year, her contract with Hyowon CNC, where actor Kang Ye-won serves as a co-CEO, came to an end.


User123: Congratulations to Song Jia for finding a new agency! Excited to see what she has in store for us in the future. 🎉🎉

KpopFan89: Wow, Sublime is really building an impressive lineup of talents. Good move for Song Jia, hoping for great success in her new journey! 💪💫

BeautyGuru101: I’ve been following Song Jia‘s beauty tips for a while now, and she’s always been so genuine and helpful. Wishing her all the best with her new agency! 🌸

FilmLover22: Loved Song Jia‘s performance in “Single’s Inferno”! She’s a talented individual, and I can’t wait to see her in more projects under Sublime. 🎬🌟

Fashionista123: It’s good to see that Song Jia addressed the controversy surrounding her. Everyone makes mistakes, and it takes courage to admit and apologize. Hope she has learned from it and grows even stronger. 💪💖

EntertainmentNewsWatcher: Sublime is definitely making some strategic moves in the industry. Song Jia is a fantastic addition to their roster. Looking forward to their collaborations and future projects! 🎥🔥



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