“It might cause misleading information” Controversial Scene in ‘Doctor Cha’ Ignites Debate on Crohn’s Disease Awareness

Doctor Cha‘ Faces Backlash from Crohn’s Disease Community

The popular drama series ‘Doctor Cha‘ has been making waves with its record-breaking viewership ratings and immense popularity.

However, it is now facing criticism from patients and families affected by Crohn’s disease.

In the seventh episode of JTBC’s ‘Doctor Cha,’ which aired on May 6th, a scene has sparked controversy. The episode portrayed the story of a patient (played by Kim Hyun Mok) suffering from Crohn’s disease.

During a crucial moment when the patient was about to undergo rectal restoration surgery, family members in the drama made derogatory comments, such as “How can you hide such a terrible disease?” and “They say this disease is hereditary.

The situation escalated, leading the distressed patient to write a will and jump off the rooftop.

Following the release of this scene, the Crohn’s disease community and viewer bulletin boards were flooded with criticism.

The main point of contention was the use of words like ‘hereditary’ and ‘terrible disease,’ which were chosen without accurate understanding or information about the condition.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any part of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus.

While it is a challenging condition that requires long-term management, timely treatment not only improves symptoms but also helps prevent complications, allowing patients to lead a normal life similar to that of a healthy individual.

Netizens raised concerns about the excessive dialogue in the drama, highlighting its potential to mislead and distort viewers’ perception of the disease.

They argued that such inaccuracies could perpetuate misunderstandings and contribute to a distorted public understanding of Crohn’s disease.

On viewer bulletin boards, numerous posts demanding an official apology regarding Crohn’s disease and requesting corrections and deletions related to the inaccurate portrayal have surfaced.

Patients and their families also expressed their worries, stating, “Our child, who disclosed their disease to their friends, must have experienced immense anxiety when going to school today.”

Meanwhile, ‘Doctor Cha‘ tells the story of Cha Jung-sook, a former 20-year housewife who embarks on a journey to become a first-year resident. The drama airs on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM.

Despite the drama’s initial success and steadily growing popularity, it has recently become entangled in controversy due to derogatory remarks made about traditional medicine within the storyline.

This has further contributed to the ongoing discussions and criticisms surrounding ‘Doctor Cha‘ and its portrayal of Crohn’s disease.



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