“I get teary eyed from the sincerity” Park Seo Joon’s Emotional Reunion with Viral ‘M Row 11’ Fan After Six Years at ‘Dream’ Stage Greeting

In a heartwarming reunion, Park Seo Joon, the popular South Korean actor, finally met the fan who became the center of attention in the viral photo known as ‘M Row 11.’

The long-awaited encounter took place during the stage greeting for Park Seo Joon‘s latest movie, ‘Dream,’ after six years of searching.

The film distributor, Plus M Entertainment, released a video teasing the meeting, which excited fans even more.

The story goes back to 2017 when Park Seo Joon held a stage greeting event for his movie ‘Midnight Runners.’

During the event, he randomly selected an audience member from M Row 10 as a winner, while the fan seated in M Row 11 expressed disappointment, exclaiming loudly, “Ah, why is it number 11?”

This incident quickly captured public attention and the corresponding photo spread like wildfire across various online communities.

Recently, Park Seo Joon even mentioned this fan during a web broadcast of ‘IU’s Palette,’ emphasizing the lasting impact of the incident.

Expressing his desire to meet the fan again, Park Seo Joon stated, “Please come to the ‘Dream’ stage greeting and sit in M Row 11 so that I can personally come to you,” and assured them that he would prepare a gift, no matter how small.

Fortunately, the fan responded to Park Seo Joon‘s video message and attended the ‘Dream‘ stage greeting.

Park Seo Joon joyfully shared, “It created a lot of buzz. They shouted out, ‘Why am I number 11!’ It was six years ago. We met again because of the movie’s release.”

The reunion between the actor and the fan garnered much attention and left fans touched by the sincerity and dedication Park Seo Joon displayed.

During the stage greeting, Park Seo Joon presented the fan with a ‘Dream‘ poster as a token of appreciation and asked how they had been doing.

Adding a touch of humor, he noticed the fan’s boyfriend among the audience and jokingly exclaimed, “Boyfriend? Oh, really,” eliciting laughter from everyone present.

Meanwhile, ‘Dream‘ is a film that revolves around the story of Hong Dae, a former soccer player lacking direction, portrayed by Park Seo Joon, and Lee So Min, a passionless PD played by IU.

The movie follows their journey as they join forces with homeless national team athletes to pursue an impossible dream.

Dream‘ was released on the 26th of last month and continues to captivate audiences with its inspiring narrative.

Netizens’ Comments:

@MovieLover94: This is why I adore Park Seo Joon! He’s not only a talented actor but also so considerate and appreciative of his fans. Such a heartwarming reunion! 💕 #Dream #ParkSeojoon

@KpopFanatic22: Wow, after all these years, they finally met! This is like a real-life movie plot. I’m so happy for the fan and Park Seo Joon! 🎉 #MRow11 #Dream

@DramaQueen123: Park Seo Joon never fails to make me smile. His dedication and kindness towards his fans are commendable. This reunion is too adorable! 😍 #ParkSeojoon #Dream



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