“He’s truly one of a kind” — G-Dragon’s Sweet Gesture of Accepting Fans’ Letters Goes Viral on Social Media

Korean singer, rapper, and fashion icon G-Dragon, who is also known as Kwon Ji-yong, recently made headlines for his appearance at the CHANEL Cruise 23/24 Fashion Show in LA.

As a CHANEL House Ambassador, he certainly made a statement with his fashion choices and kind demeanor, which left fans and netizens swooning.

G-Dragon, who is a member of the popular K-Pop group BIGBANG, showed off his unique style by wearing a CHANEL tweed jacket and quilt bag, both of which were perfectly suited for the occasion.

But what really caught people’s attention was his painted nails, which added a touch of individuality to his outfit.

Apart from his fashion choices, it was G-Dragon‘s humble attitude that won people over. He continuously bowed to reporters and fans as he made his way through the airport, showing his respect and appreciation for those around him.

Netizens were quick to praise his manners, with one saying, “Even after 18 years, Jiyong’s personality is just as mannerly.”

G-Dragon‘s kindness didn’t stop there. He also accepted letters from fans, further endearing himself to his supporters. A netizen gushed, “I lost my mind when I saw his Instagram live. And he’s even taking care of the fans’ letters, Kwon-Kind.”

As expected, G-Dragon‘s appearance at the CHANEL fashion show generated a lot of reactions from netizens.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

“G-Dragon never fails to impress with his fashion sense. He’s a true style icon.”

“I love how he’s not afraid to express himself through his fashion choices. It’s so refreshing!”

“G-Dragon’s kindness is so genuine. He’s truly a gem of a person.”

“His painted nails are so cool! I love how he’s breaking gender stereotypes in fashion.”

“I wish I could be as classy and humble as G-Dragon. He’s such an inspiration.”

“K-Pop idols like G-Dragon are showing the world that Korean fashion is a force to be reckoned with.”

“I’m not even a fan of K-Pop, but I can’t deny that G-Dragon is a true talent and a style icon.”

“The way G-Dragon treats his fans is so heartwarming. He’s truly one of a kind.”

“I can’t get enough of G-Dragon’s fashion. He’s always pushing the boundaries and setting trends.”

“G-Dragon is a true ambassador for CHANEL. He embodies the brand’s spirit of elegance and sophistication.”

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