LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon charms netizens with her cute phone case and unexpected sense of humor on ‘No Charim’

Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM caught netizens off guard with her unexpected humor on a recent episode of the popular YouTube series, ‘No Charim‘, hosted by Lee Young Ji.

During the show, Kim Chaewon checked her phone briefly and caught the attention of the staff members with her cute phone case featuring Maenggu, a character from the animated series ‘Crayon Shin-chan‘.

Lee Young Ji couldn’t help but comment on the adorable phone case, which prompted Kim Chaewon to explain how it works. She said, “Isn’t it cute? You can also spin his snot bubble.

Lee Young Ji was clearly amused and even suggested getting a matching phone case. Kim Chaewon then revealed that there is also a Jjanggu (Shin-chan) version and promised to give it as a gift.

Netizens were delighted with Kim Chaewon‘s unexpected humor and found her adorable phone case to be quite amusing.

Some comments include:

“Kim Chaewon is seriously so cute! I love how she’s always bringing some humor to the show.”

“I can’t believe she has a phone case with Maenggu on it! That’s so cute and unexpected.”

“I love how Lee Young Ji and Kim Chaewon have such a great dynamic. They’re both hilarious.”

“I never thought I’d be interested in a phone case until now. I might have to get myself a Maenggu one!”

“Kim Chaewon and Lee Young Ji are couple goals! I can’t wait to see them with matching phone cases.”

Overall, Kim Chaewon‘s unexpected humor and cute phone case made for a fun and entertaining episode of ‘No Charim‘.

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