“It was a hard time” — aespa’s Karina admits to feeling intimidated during her debut because of rumors

Karina, a member of the popular K-pop girl group aespa, recently opened up about her innermost thoughts in a new interview.

In a video released on Japan’s internet broadcast AbeMaTV on May 5th, behind-the-scenes stories from aespa’s first solo concert tour, ‘SYNK: HYPER LINE‘, were shared.

During the interview, the production team asked Karina what makes aespa charming. Without hesitation, she replied, “Fearlessness? I don’t think we’re intimidated wherever we go.” She further shared that despite feeling intimidated during her debut, she never felt intimidated on stage, which she thinks is what moved the fans.

Fans who saw the interview expressed their concern for Karina, who had a difficult time dealing with malicious rumors during her debut. When Karina‘s debut teaser photo was released in 2020, various unfounded rumors spread on online communities.

To address this issue, SM Entertainment, Karina‘s agency, released a statement that they would take legal action against those who committed malicious acts against Karina, including defamation and insult.

Many fans have shown their support and encouragement to Karina, who has had a hard time since her debut. They are proud of her for her strength and resilience, and hope that she continues to shine as a member of aespa.

Netizens were quick to comment on the interview, with many expressing their admiration for Karina’s courage and resilience.

One netizen commented, “Karina is so inspiring. Despite facing so much adversity, she continues to shine and inspire her fans. I’m so proud of her.” Another netizen wrote, “Karina is such a strong woman. Her fearlessness is truly admirable. I can’t wait to see what she does next with aespa.”

Meanwhile, aespa is set to make a comeback in the music industry on May 8th with their third mini-album ‘MY WORLD’. Fans are excited to see what new music and performances they will bring to the table.



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