Actress Song Hye Kyo Tried This Popular Hairstyle For “2023 Met Gala”, But Not Everyone’s A Fan

Song Hye Kyo‘s appearance at the 2023 Met Gala has stirred up quite the controversy among netizens. While some applauded her for being bold and experimenting with unique styles, others were less impressed and left comments criticizing her hairstyle, makeup, and overall look.

The actress arrived at the event in a stunning peach Fendi dress, which many agreed looked beautiful on her. However, it was her hairstyle that seemed to divide opinions.

Some netizens felt that her hair made her face look long, while others wished that celebrities would stop styling their hair in this way, including popular actress Suzy.

But not everyone was critical of Song Hye Kyo‘s Met Gala look. Some fans came to her defense, arguing that the event was all about experimentation and pushing boundaries.

They pointed out that it was perfectly acceptable for her to try out new and unique styles, even if they didn’t necessarily fit with the theme of the event.

Of course, there were those who didn’t hold back with their negative comments, calling her hair and makeup “ugly” and suggesting that she missed the mark with her look altogether.

Despite the mixed reaction, it’s clear that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance at the Met Gala generated a lot of buzz and got people talking.

Whether you loved her look or hated it, there’s no denying that she made a statement on the red carpet and put herself out there in a bold and daring way.

Here are some of the comments that were left by netizens:

“Her dress is gorgeous, but her hairstyle is just not working for her.”
“I wish celebrities would stop styling their hair like this. It’s just not flattering on anyone.”
“I don’t understand why people are criticizing her. She’s trying something new, and that’s what the Met Gala is all about.”
“I love Song Hye Kyo, but this look is a miss for me. Her hair and makeup just don’t work with the theme.”
“She looks beautiful no matter what, but I do think her hair could have been styled differently.”
“I think people need to stop being so harsh on celebrities. They’re just trying to express themselves and have some fun.”
“I love her dress, but her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed.”
“I don’t think this look suits her at all. It’s a shame because she’s such a beautiful woman.”
“I think it’s great that she’s experimenting with her look. It’s refreshing to see someone take risks and try something new.”
“I’m sorry, but I have to agree with the critics on this one. Her hair and makeup are just not good.”

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