VIVIZ’s Umji Shares Heartwarming Photos of Her Late Friend Moonbin and Their 98-Liner Friend Group

The K-pop world was shaken by the sudden passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin, and fans and idols alike are still mourning the loss of such a talented artist.

VIVIZ‘s Umji took to Instagram to share some group photos of her 98-liner friend group in memory of Moonbin, and it’s clear how much they loved spending time together.

The photos show Umji, SinB, Seungkwan, and others enjoying each other’s company while celebrating birthdays, eating out together, and goofing around.

Their bright smiles and carefree attitudes are heartwarming, and it’s evident that they had a lot of fun whenever they were together.

Umji‘s post is especially touching because it’s clear how much she misses her friend Moonbin. Her longing for him is palpable in the photos, and it’s clear that the memories she shared with him and the rest of the 98-liner group will always be cherished.

Many netizens were moved by Umji‘s post, with some leaving comments such as:

“This is so heartwarming and touching. Rest in peace, Moonbin.”

“I’m crying seeing these photos. The 98-liners are so precious.”

“Thank you for sharing these memories with us. We’ll never forget Moonbin and the joy he brought to the world.”

“It’s clear how much they loved each other. I hope they can find comfort in these memories.”

Moonbin will always be remembered for his talent and his kindness. Rest easy, angel.”

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Umji and SinB will be sitting out from their hi-touch event due to poor health conditions. Fans are sending them love and support during this difficult time, and we hope they’ll be able to recover soon.



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