“Jang Wonyoung is on fire” — IVE members defies the rain gods with an epic performance at “Seoul Festa 2023”

On May 1st, social media was abuzz with the news of IVE‘s recent performance at the ‘Seoul Festa 2023‘ K-POP Super Live Concert.

What caught the attention of many netizens was the fact that despite the heavy rain that poured during the show, IVE continued to perform on stage until the end, without any distractions or complaints.

According to reports, the performance was held at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, and as the show reached its climax, the rain began to pour heavily.

Despite the challenging conditions, IVE showed their professionalism and dedication to their craft, delivering a flawless performance of their hits “Kitsch” and “I AM” while smiling and thanking their fans who waited in the rain.

The photos and videos of IVE‘s rainy stage performance quickly went viral, with netizens praising the group for their unwavering commitment to their fans and their craft.

Many fans expressed their admiration for IVE‘s flawless beauty, even in the pouring rain, and likened the scene to a movie.

Comments from Netizens:

“IVE really showed what true professionalism and dedication looks like. They are truly amazing!”

“I can’t believe they were able to perform in those conditions. They are truly dedicated to their fans.”

“IVE always delivers amazing performances, rain or shine. They truly deserve all the love and admiration they are receiving.”

“The photos of IVE performing in the rain are truly breathtaking. They are so beautiful and talented.”

“It’s heartbreaking to see them performing in such harsh conditions, but it’s also amazing to see their dedication to their craft.”

“The organizers should have done more to protect the performers from the rain. They should have put up tents or other safety measures.”

“IVE truly showed that they are not just performers, but artists who are passionate about their craft. I am in awe of their dedication.”

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