ENHYPEN’s “DARK BLOOD” Trailer Actress Goes Viral for Her Striking Resemblance to Jun Ji Hyun and NewJeans’ Minji

The K-pop group ENHYPEN has released a new album concept trailer that is like a movie. In particular, there is a lot of interest in the identity of the actress who appears as the female lead in the video since it was released.

On May 1st, ENHYPEN‘s official social media channels unveiled the concept trailer for their mini 4th album, “DARK BLOOD.” This concept trailer is a video that depicts the story of “DARK BLOOD” as ENHYPEN‘s unique fantasy.

The trailer begins with a girl trapped in a car and calling for help. Then, it shows Sunghoon riding a horse and having a duel with a rider on a motorcycle, ultimately defeating him with a sword.

Sunghoon is then subdued in a fierce battle with the other members. At this point, the tension is heightened as the girl bites Jay‘s neck.

The video ends with a poetic narration, and the final scene shows Sunghoon whispering, “Bite me!” and offering his neck to the girl, leaving a strong impression.

In particular, fans are paying attention to the actress who appears as the female lead in the video. She is a model named Park Ji Won, who has shown her charm to the Z-generation in commercials for Shinhan Card and McDonald’s.

Fans are leaving comments online, saying things like “She looks just like Jun Ji Hyun,” “She’s like a mix of Jun Ji Hyun and NewJeans’ Minji,” and “She looks so similar that I was surprised.

ENHYPEN has always presented unique concepts and storytelling in their albums, and they have now released a concept trailer that evokes the feeling of a fantasy movie. Fans are curious about what kind of story “DARK BLOOD” will tell.

ENHYPEN will make their comeback on May 22 with their mini 4th album, “DARK BLOOD.”



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