“This is so sad” Woo Do Hwan’s Strict Self-Management Routine Sparks a Conversation on Health and Beauty Standards in the Industry

South Korean actor Woo Do Hwan has shared his daily routine on an episode of MBC’s “Home Alone,” revealing his strict self-management routine to maintain his perfect body shape.

The actor takes various nutritional supplements and applies five different skincare products after washing his face.

He only eats once a day when he is not active and avoids alcohol, ramen, and soup dishes due to the salt content.

Woo Do Hwan also shared an anecdote about how his CG-created abs were erased in a drama due to his strict management.

Woo Do Hwan‘s self-management routine has garnered attention from netizens, with many praising his dedication and discipline.

Some have expressed admiration for his commitment to his craft, while others have expressed concern about the potential harm his strict diet may cause to his health.

Some netizens have also questioned the need for actors to maintain such strict physical standards and called for a more inclusive industry that celebrates diversity and body positivity.

One netizen commented, Woo Do Hwan ‘s self-management routine is impressive. It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to maintain such a strict diet and exercise regimen.”

Another wrote, “I understand the pressure that actors face to maintain a certain physical appearance, but I hope they also prioritize their health and well-being.”

However, some netizens expressed concern about the potential harm of such a strict diet, with one commenting, “Eating only once a day and avoiding certain foods can be harmful to one’s health. I hope Woo Do Hwan takes care of himself and doesn’t push himself too hard.”

Another wrote, “I think it’s time for the industry to move away from such strict physical standards and embrace diversity and body positivity. We need to celebrate all body types and shapes.”

Woo Do Hwan‘s story has sparked a conversation about the pressures that actors face in the entertainment industry to maintain a certain physical appearance.

While his dedication and discipline are admirable, it is important to prioritize health and well-being above all else.

The entertainment industry should embrace diversity and body positivity to create a more inclusive environment for all actors.



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