“I can’t stop laughing!” Kim Tae Ri Shows Off Her MC Skills and Brings Laughter to the Baeksang Arts Awards

Actress Kim Tae Ri brought laughter to the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held on April 28th when she made a witty joke about her senior colleague Choi Min Sik.

Lee Jun Ho and Kim Tae Ri were presenting the Best Actor in a TV Drama award when she showed her flexible MC skills by exchanging conversations with Lee Jun Ho.

Lee Jun Ho mentioned being impressed by Kim Tae Ri ‘s acceptance speech last year, to which Kim Tae Ri responded and returned the compliment.

The Best Actor in a TV Drama category had many outstanding nominees, including Choi Min Sik, who appeared in a comfortable outfit standing against the backdrop of a mountain with his hands in his pockets.

As Kim Tae Ri announced the winner, she made the crowd laugh by saying, “Senior Choi Min Sik is currently hiking.”

Despite the potentially stiff atmosphere that could have prevailed, Kim Tae Ri‘s witty remark made the event warm and enjoyable.

Lee Sung Min eventually won the Best Actor in a TV Drama award for his performance in “The Sons.”

However, it was Kim Tae Ri‘s comedic timing that stole the show and brought joy to the audience.

Netizens were quick to react to the incident. Some praised Kim Tae Ri for her quick wit and humor, while others commended her for her professional skills as an MC.

Some even expressed their hope to see her more often as an MC in future events. Others expressed their admiration for Choi Min Sik‘s laid-back and relaxed approach to the awards ceremony.

Overall, Kim Tae Ri‘s comedic timing brought a sense of lightness to the event, making it a memorable night for everyone in attendance.

Netizens comments:

Kim Tae Ri is not just a great actress, but also a great MC! Her quick wit and humor made the awards ceremony so much more enjoyable.”

Choi Min Sik‘s outfit is so refreshing! It’s nice to see an actor who’s not afraid to be himself.”

“I hope to see more of Kim Tae Ri as an MC in future events. She really knows how to work a crowd.”

Kim Tae Ri and Lee Jun Ho were such a great duo! They made the event so much more fun.”

“I’m so happy that Kim Tae Ri‘s joke broke the tension at the awards ceremony. It was a great moment!”



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