“He’s a sold out king!” BTS Jungkook’s cooking recipe caused raves from ARMY’s

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s Recipe Sparks Frenzy Among Fans

BTS‘s Jungkook has once again demonstrated his immense influence as his recipe for “Kkotsobulmayo Wild Oil Makguksu” has created a stir among fans.

The dish is a simple combination of perilla oil, cham sauce, buldak sauce, buldak mayo sauce, egg yolk, and seaweed sprinkled on boiled buckwheat noodles.

Jungkook presented the recipe in a personal live broadcast through the fan community Weverse.

The dish has created such a frenzy that the dried laver used in the recipe has run out of stock on the Coupang website.

Fans are rushing to purchase the exact ingredients used by Jungkook to replicate the dish. Additionally, products such as buldak mayo sauce and cham sauce have also seen a surge in sales.

On social media platforms like Twitter, fans have been sharing photos of their purchases of dried laver, along with their certification of cooking the “small bulmayo perilla oil makguksu” using the “Jungkook cooking item.”

Jungkook‘s fans have also flooded social media with hashtags like “JUNGKOK LIVE,” “Jungkookie,” and “Our Jungkookie,” making them worldwide trends.

Jungkook is known for his cooking skills and has previously shared his recipes with fans.

His recipe for “Bul-Gri,” which combines buldak fried noodles and raccoon, went viral last month, leading Nongshim to apply for trademarks for “Bul-Guri” and “Bul-Gri” to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Netizens have expressed their excitement over Jungkook’s cooking skills and his ability to create a frenzy with his recipes.

Some have shared their experiences of cooking the dish and how it turned out for them, while others have commented on how the BTS member’s influence extends beyond music and into the culinary world.

One fan commented,Jungkook is so talented! He can sing, dance, and cook! I’m definitely trying out his recipe.”

Another wrote, “I didn’t know dried laver could make such a big difference in a dish! Thanks, Jungkook, for sharing your cooking tips with us.”

Overall, Jungkook‘s recipe for “Kkotsobulmayo Wild Oil Makguksu” has once again proven his immense influence, showing that his fans are willing to follow his every move, even in the kitchen.

Netizens comments:

“Jungkook is a multitalented idol! He’s so good at cooking too!”

“I can’t believe the power of the ‘Jungkook effect.’ He can make even cooking ingredients sell out!”

“I tried making the dish, and it turned out amazing! Thanks to Jungkook‘s recipe.”

“I love how Jungkook is always sharing his hobbies and interests with us. It makes him even more relatable.”

“I never thought I’d be interested in cooking, but Jungkook has inspired me to try it out!”


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