Actor Kwon Yool gets mistaken for BTS member in Spain, leaving fans in stitches!

Actor Kwon Yool recently experienced a hilarious case of mistaken identity while filming for the tvN program ‘Europe Outside Your Tent – Spain.’

During their visit to the picturesque city of Setenil, a curious cafe staff member showed Kwon Yool a photo of BTS, mistaking him for a member of the famous K-pop group.

The incident left Kwon Yool and his co-stars Cho Jin Woong, Choi Won Young, and Park Myung Hoon in disbelief.

They were surprised to see a photo of BTS on the phone screen, and Kwon Yool politely explained to the staff member that he was not part of the group.

However, it seems that the case of mistaken identity didn’t end there. Tourists in Setenil were also approaching Kwon Yool, asking for photos and showing him pictures of BTS.

The actor, who is known for his roles in dramas like “Search: WWW” and “Queen of the Office,” was amused by the incident and took it in stride.

Fans of Kwon Yool and BTS alike took to social media to react to the funny encounter.

Many found it amusing that Kwon Yool was mistaken for a member of the world-renowned K-pop group, with some commenting that he could easily pass as one with his good looks and stylish attire.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“OMG, I can totally see the resemblance! Kwon Yool could totally pass as a BTS member!”

“I would have freaked out if I saw him in person and thought he was a BTS member. I bet those tourists were so excited!”

“This is too funny! Poor Kwon Yool must have been so confused when people started approaching him for photos.”

“It’s so cool to see K-pop’s influence spreading all over the world. Even cafe staff in Spain know about BTS!”

“I wonder which BTS member Kwon Yool was mistaken for? They all have such distinct looks, but I can see why people might think he’s one of them.”

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