“This made me cry” Fan’s letter to NCT’s Doyoung captures the heart of K-pop fans worldwide

A touching letter written by a young woman who recently passed away due to a rare disease is capturing the hearts of many, particularly fans of the K-pop group NCT.

The letter, addressed to Doyoung, one of the members of NCT, tells the story of how the writer became a fan of Doyoung and how his music helped her cope with her illness.

The letter begins with the writer addressing Doyoung directly and saying, “Doyoung-ssi, I will go now.”

She goes on to describe how she first became a fan of the K-pop star while watching him perform on a popular TV show.

Despite struggling with a rare disease, the writer never gave up hope and was able to pass her university entrance exam. However, her condition eventually worsened, and she was forced to return to a life of battling illness.

It was during this time that she discovered Doyoung‘s music, and it brought her immense comfort. She describes his voice as being different from anyone else’s, and says that his singing helped her feel a sense of stability that she had never felt before.

As she spent most of her life in a hospital bed, she did not have many friends, but Doyoung was like a friend to her.

She was captivated by his bright smile, and watching him helped her forget her pain for a little while.

The writer had been a fan of Doyoung‘s for over 700 days and was grateful for the joy and comfort he had brought into her life.

She expressed sadness that she would not be able to see his face properly due to her worsening eyesight, but said that she would never forget his singing and his “small rabbit-like eyes.”

She wished him good health and said goodbye, concluding the letter with the words, “Anyway, goodbye Doyoung-ah. We will definitely meet again.”

Netizens who read the letter expressed their sadness and sympathy, saying that it was heartbreaking to read.

Many fans of NCT were touched by the writer’s story and expressed their admiration for Doyoung and the rest of the group.

This letter is a powerful reminder of the impact that music and celebrities can have on people’s lives, and how even a small act of kindness or support can make a significant difference.

It also highlights the importance of cherishing the time we have with the people we love and never taking them for granted.



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