Fans anticipate the new energy brought by Lee Shin Young and Lee Hong Nae in “Dr. Romantic 3”

Dr. Romantic” is returning with new faces that will surely excite fans. The drama, which airs on SBS Fri-Sat, has released the names of two actors who will be joining the cast as the youngest members of the Dol Dam Hospital family.

Lee Shin Young and Lee Hong Nae are the two new faces that fans will get to see in the upcoming season.

Lee Shin Young, who recently gained attention for his basketball skills in the movie “Rebound,” will play the role of Jang Dong Hwa, a junior colleague of GS Major who has been working for three years.

Lee Hong Nae, who played Ji Chong Shin in the popular drama “The Uncanny Counter,” will play the role of Lee Sun Woong, a sincere CS Fellow who is a year one rookie.

The two actors will join as the youngest doctors at Dol Dam Hospital, and their roles as “Jang Geum-side” and “Lee Geum-side” are expected to bring a fresh breath to the drama.

Jang Dong Hwa is known to be a blood pressure inducer who can cause chaos, while Lee Sun Woong wants to do well but doesn’t know how.

The still cuts released by the production team show Jang Dong Hwa sleeping on a vending machine with his head while secretly enjoying games, and Lee Sun Woong looking at someone with a surprised expression, attracting attention.

Fans of the drama are excited to see what the rookie actors will show at Dol Dam Hospital, and the expectations are high. The drama will air its first episode on the 28th of this month at 10 pm.

Apart from the new faces, fans are also looking forward to seeing Seo Woo Jin and Cha Eun Jae, who have become seniors, showing mentorship to their juniors.

Netizens are excited about the upcoming season and the new faces in “Dr. Romantic.” Some of them expressed their enthusiasm by saying:

“Finally, the drama is coming back, and I can’t wait to see the new faces.”

“I loved the first two seasons, and I am sure the third one will be even better.”

“Lee Shin Young and Lee Hong Nae are both talented actors, and I am excited to see them in the drama.”

“The still cuts look amazing, and I can’t wait to see the chemistry between the new and old cast members.”

“I hope the drama lives up to the expectations, and we get to see some new and exciting medical cases.”

Overall, the news of the new faces in “Dr. Romantic” has generated positive responses from the netizens, and they are eagerly waiting for the drama to air.



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