“She’s so cute like a living doll!” TWICE’s Tzuyu Shares Adorable Childhood Photos, Revealing Her Natural Beauty Even As A Child

TWICE’s Tzuyu has given fans a glimpse into her childhood with a series of photos she shared on her official Instagram account on April 18.

The photos show the adorable chubby-cheeked Tzuyu as a newborn and as she grew up, revealing her natural beauty even as a child.

In one of the photos, Tzuyu can be seen with her big, round pupils and a lovely smile that immediately won over fans’ hearts.

The photos also captured Tzuyu‘s serious expressions and playful personality, which were well-received by her fans.

As expected, fans did not hold back on their praise for Tzuyu, with many saying that she was undoubtedly the visual center of the group and that she had been a natural beauty even as a child.

Some fans also noted that they loved Tzuyu‘s playful and innocent personality, while others simply commented on how cute she looked in the photos.

Fans also requested more childhood photos from Tzuyu, with one fan saying, “Please show us more childhood photos!”

It’s clear that fans are eager to see more of Tzuyu‘s past and to get to know their beloved idol even better.

Netizens’ comments:

  • Tzuyu was so cute as a baby! I can’t believe how much she’s grown since then.”
  • “I love Tzuyu‘s playful personality! It’s no wonder she’s so beloved by fans.”
  • Tzuyu has always been a natural beauty. It’s amazing to see how she’s grown into such a stunning woman.”
  • “I can’t get over how adorable Tzuyu looks in these childhood photos. Please show us more!”
  • Tzuyu is truly the visual center of TWICE . Her beauty is unmatched.”



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