Where are they now? Here’s the Latest Whereabouts of the “Boys Over Flowers” cast

Boy Over Flowers (Meteor Garden)  was released in 2008 and caused a craze throughout Asia.

 Not only that, but the work also helps the main cast of the film to become a star, a launching pad for names like Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun in Kbiz. 

After 15 years of broadcasting, they also experienced many events in their personal and professional lives. 

Let’s take a look at the current life of four handsome men who “storm” every day!

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho plays Goo Jun Pyo – an arrogant prince who always looks down on those around him, but always protects and loves Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun).

 The success of the film made the actor a bright star and won the “Best New Actor” award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

During his acting career, Lee Min Ho‘s films have always received attention from the public.

 Among them, it must be mentioned: City Hunter, Idiot and Master, Legend of the Blue Sea, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, King: Eternal Monarch, Pachinko… coming soon Ask The Stars 

At the age of 35, Lee Min Ho still retains a handsome, youthful appearance, making fans unable to help but whisper. 

In addition to his appearance, the actor’s hotness has remained stable even after being discharged from the army, which not everyone can do. 

Although colleagues of the same age have gradually retreated to hiding, the male star 8X is still actively filming. 

In 2021, Lee Min Ho entered the list of the 10 richest Korean actors with a net worth of about 26 million USD.

Kim Hyun Joong

At the time of filming Meteor Garden, Kim Hyun Joong was just over 20 years old.

 At that time, compared to Lee Min Ho, the actor was even more favored and loved by the audience. 

Unfortunately, Kim Hyun Joong‘s career suddenly plummeted because of a series of scandals and lawsuits related to his ex-lover after only a few years of fame. 

Only in 2020, he was officially exonerated with a statement of victory from the court. 

Not only that, the ex-girlfriend also had to compensate Kim Hyun Joong for nearly 100 million won. After all, everything was too late for “boy Yoon Ji Hoo”.

Since the noisy day, 9 years have passed, Kim Hyun Joong has not received any more film projects. 

About to hit the threshold of 40, the actor does not seem to have aged much compared to his heyday. Now, he is only active as a singer and has no intention of returning to the screen. 

Besides, Kim Hyun Joong also just got married last year and is living a happy life with his wife and small children.

Kim Bum

Taking on the role of flower boy So Yi Jung, Kim Bum conquered the audience with his handsome face and heart-stopping smile.

 At the age of 33, the actor is still considered a “vampire” of Kbiz because of his reverse aging visual despite time. 

For the past decade, people have only seen Kim Bum getting more and more handsome and younger than when he first joined the entertainment industry. 

After two ink-consuming love affairs of the press with two seniors, Oh Yeon Seo and Moon Geun Young, he is still alone. 

Therefore, fans hope that he will soon find a “sister-in-law” to have someone by his side to share his joys and sorrows.

In terms of acting career, Kim Bum almost only participates in at least one movie a year. 

Therefore, his reputation and position are somewhat “modest”. 

However, through each movie, Kim Bum always tries different types of roles, specifically: Family Is Number One (Part One), Three Lovely Girls, Padam Padam, Fire Goddess Jung Yi, Monsoon That Winter, Hidden Identity, Mrs. Cop 2 , My Boyfriend Is a Fox, Law School, Death Bell, The Gifted Hands…   coming soon, My Boyfriend Is a Fox 1938.

Kim Joon

Kim Joon joined showbiz as a member of the group T-MAX. After that, he was well received by the public thanks to his role as Song Woo Bin in Meteor Garden.

 However, after the “heat” of the film passed, the actor’s career also seemed to end.

 Over the years, Kim Joon has only occasionally participated in a few unpopular films. 

According to information, he is married and has a little princess. 



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