“The Glory” actor Kim Gun Woo makes a surprising confession about his ideal type on “My Little Old Boy”

On April 9th, actor Kim Gun Woo appeared as a special MC on the SBS variety show “My Little Old Boy” and revealed his ideal type, generating various reactions from netizens.

Kim Gun Woo, who played the villain in the popular Netflix drama “The Glory,” initially hesitated to answer the question about his ideal type.

However, he eventually revealed that he liked Kim Dami, although he admitted he didn’t know her actual personality, “I don’t know her actual personality, but Kim Dami

The revelation surprised the show’s regular panelist, Seo Jang Hoon, who exclaimed, “I didn’t expect him to answer. I’m surprised!“.

Netizens also had various reactions to Kim Gun Woo‘s ideal type, with some expressing support for the actor’s choice and others expressing disappointment that he didn’t reveal more details about his ideal partner.

In addition to his ideal type, Kim Gun Woo also shared that he likes someone who has their unique sound and a cute style.

He mentioned liking it when someone says “aigoo” when they sit on a chair, to which Shin Dong Yeop joked, “From now on, all women will be saying ‘aigoo’ and walking around.”

Netizens found Kim Gun Woo‘s comments about his ideal type charming, with many expressing admiration for his honesty and straightforwardness.

Some even commented that they would start saying “aigoo” more often to catch the actor’s attention.



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