“She age like a fine wine!” Actress Jang Nara Stuns with Her Age-Defying Beauty

Actress Jang Nara boasted her unchanged beauty while filming in Bangkok.

On March 29th, Jang Nara posted a message on Instagram saying, “It was very hot but enjoyable filming for ‘Family’ in Bangkok,” along with several photos. In the photos released, Jang Nara is seen taking a break while filming the new tvN drama ‘Family‘ in Thailand.

Jang Nara, as a representative beauty in the entertainment industry, showed off her unchanged beauty like a powerful cosmetic effect.

She displayed her beauty that is hard to believe for her age in her 40s, drawing admiration.

Netizens responded with enthusiastic comments such as “You are so beautiful,” “Powerful cosmetic effect beauty,” and “You look like you’re in your 20s.”

Meanwhile, ‘Family,’ which caused a big sensation with its fourth meeting of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, is a thrilling family spy comedy about a perfect wife who dreams of a perfect family and a black NIS agent disguised as an ordinary office worker.

Family‘ is scheduled to air for the first time on Monday, April 17th at 8:50 pm.



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