“It’s sad to hear…”Lee So Ra Reveals Stress as Key Factor in Recent Weight Loss

On March 16th, Lee So Ra revealed that she lost weight due to stress.

Along with a photo, Lee So Ra wrote, “The best diet is stress..When I’m stressed, I can’t eat, so that’s why I’m able to maintain my diet. Starvation, hunger, and binge eating – a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating habits. I’m trying to create a healthy eating habit.”

In the photo, Lee So Ra‘s weight is certified on a scale at 49.2kg. She seems to have lost more weight due to stress.

Meanwhile, Lee So Ra appeared on MBN’s “Divorced Singles Season 3” and developed a real relationship with Choi Dong Hwan.

Lee So Rahad previously stated on the show that her reason for divorce was due to conflicts with her in-laws, but her ex-husband claimed in November of last year that Lee So Ra‘s repeated extramarital affairs and partying were the cause of the divorce.

After the privacy controversy, Lee So Ra has recently started communicating with her fans again.



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