“He can take our breath away just by staring at him” Lee Do Hyun is serving his perfect visuals for Cosmopolitan

Actor Lee Do Hyun, who played a lead role in the Netflix series “The Glory” recently gave an interview and photoshoot.

In the interview, released on March 17, Lee Do Hyun shared his thoughts on the success of the drama, saying “It’s the first time a project I’ve worked on has done well worldwide, so I’m amazed at all the reactions. I’ve received a lot of messages from friends overseas who recognize me.”

Lee Do Hyun played the character of Joo Young Jeong, and he revealed that he wanted to portray the character as enigmatic and mysterious to the viewers.

Even in a melodrama, I didn’t want to overdo it, but I also didn’t want to be too conservative in my expressions. So, in the early stages of filming, I worked with Song Hye-kyo, the director, and the writer to adjust that level,” he said, explaining the process of discussing opinions with the staff and fellow actors on set.

He also spoke about working with Song Hye Kyo, saying, “It was always tough to extract maximum energy while moving minimally within the designated angles.Song Hye Kyo noona is an excellent actress who conveys emotions well, even without expressions. It’s somewhat paradoxical, but I thought to myself, ‘This is what true acting prowess looks like.’ I learned a lot from her on set.”



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