ZE:A’s Kwanghee Reflects on His Past Disappointments and Decision to Get Plastic Surgery on “You Quiz on the Block”

Kwanghee made an appearance on the March 15th episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block‘ where he opened up about his past disappointments and his plastic surgery.

He talked about his early days as a member of ZE:A and how he was only given 3 seconds for the debut song despite spending 5 years as an idol trainee.

Kwanghee expressed his frustration and how he thought he would get a bigger part in the next album but it remained the same. He also talked about how he had to work hard to make it and not blame anyone else for his lack of appeal.

Kwanghee said “I’ve never talked about this before, but I was very upset about it. When I was getting ready to be an idol, I wanted to put on a great show. I can also sing and dance a little better than you think. Even though I worked hard, my part in our debut song was only 3 seconds. I thought my part in the next album would be bigger, but it was about the same. It didn’t feel good

He added, “Whose fault is it? Because I didn’t look good enough. I thought about how making my debut doesn’t mean that everything is finished and that I had to work hard to get there.

Kwanghee also shared his experience with plastic surgery and how he confessed out of desperation because he didn’t want to hide it and thought he’d talk about it in a fun way.

Kwanghee said, “Talking about plastic surgery is not good for the image of an idol. It didn’t feel right to hide it. It will come out anyway right away. I decided to talk about it instead… I thought it would be funny to talk about myself. I told them I had plastic surgery because I was desperate.

Netizens reactions:

“I feel bad for Kwanghee, it must have been tough to work so hard and only get 3 seconds in the debut song.”

“It’s great that he’s talking about his plastic surgery openly. It’s better to be honest than to hide it.”

“Kwanghee is so funny, even when talking about serious topics like plastic surgery.”

“It’s sad that idols have to deal with so much pressure and criticism about their appearances.”

“I hope Kwanghee continues to work hard and showcase his talents in the future.”

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