“Its too controversial!”Lee Do Yeon Requests Media to Remove False Reports Regarding ‘The Glory’

Fitness model trainer Lee Do Yeon, who was embroiled in rumors about her exposure, has finally indicated that she will take legal action.

On March 16th, Lee Do Yeon posted on her Instagram story, “Spreading false facts is considered cyber defamation and subject to criminal punishment.”

The uploaded photo contained a video uploaded by a YouTuber, which refuted the content of a video that dealt with the rumor that the person who played the body double in the exposure scene of Choi Hye Jung (played by Cha Joo-young) in the Netflix original series “The Glory Part 2” was model Lee Do Yeon.

Through comments on the video, Lee Do Yeon repeatedly warned, “This is Lee Do Yeon. Even though a correction article was published yesterday, why did you use my photo in the end? Please remove the photo.”

In addition, Lee Do Yeon also visited the channel that first spread the rumor that she played Choi Hye Jung‘s body double and left a comment saying, “Even though an article came out saying it wasn’t me yesterday, you just uploaded it without evidence, and haven’t corrected or modified the content. Please delete my content.”

Along with this, she once again indicated legal action, saying, “Anyone who spreads false information is subject to criminal punishment for cyber defamation.

She also appealed to the media that reported the rumor, saying, “I don’t even want a correction article. I want the false article to be deleted.”

Earlier, in an interview with OSEN held in Seoul’s Jongno on the 15th, Cha Joo Young said about her exposure scene, “I played the role that was necessary for the character” and “I didn’t hesitate or have any concerns after reading the script. It was a deity that completed Hye-jung’s character expression” and “The body double was also prepared, and CG was also prepared. I put a lot of effort into it in the later work, using what was necessary and not just undressing.”

However, sparks flew to an unexpected place afterwards. Due to the credit roll that read “Choi Hye Jung Double-Lee Do-yeon” at the end of the drama, rumors arose that Lee Do Yeon was Choi Hye Jung’s body double.

In response to this, Lee refuted the rumors through her Instagram on the same day, saying, “It’s not me. It has nothing to do with Netflix’s ‘The Glory.'”

She added, “I’m so dumbfounded that I don’t know what to do. It’s frustrating to spend time on something so pointless when my child has a fever. My husband suggested taking a screenshot…”



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