“The Glory” And Its Stars Became The Most Buzzworthy For The 2nd Week Of March

Actors Lim Ji Yeon and Song Hye Kyo have become the talk of the town as the leading contenders in the drama actor popularity rankings.

Lim Ji Yeon took first place in the Good Data TV-OTT Drama Actor Popularity Rankings for the second week of March on the 13th.

In this survey, which was conducted among more than 300 actors who appeared in 35 TV or OTT dramas/series that are currently being broadcast or available for viewing, Lim Ji Yeon obtained a 4.2% popularity rate.

Following Lim Ji Yeon, Song Hye Kyo also recorded a 4.2% popularity rate, but missed out on the top spot due to a small difference in decimal points.

After the two actors, Lee Do Hyun, Jung Sung Il, Park Sung Hoon, and Cha Joo Young, who all appeared in “The Glory,” respectively ranked third to sixth, while Kim Hye Ra, who ranked eighth, rounded out the top seven.

In addition, “The Glory Part 2” took the top spot in the integrated TV-OTT Drama Actor Popularity category.

In “The Glory,” Lim Ji Yeon played the adult version of Park Yeon Jin, who torments her schoolmate Moon Dong Won (played by Song Hye Kyo and child actor Jung Ji So) for no reason.

She gained a lot of attention not only in Korea, but also among overseas viewers for her portrayal of Park Yeon Jin, who inflicts bullying and shows no sense of guilt.

In the recently released “The Glory Part 2, Lim Ji Yeon received high praise for depicting Park Yeon Jin‘s heartbreaking collapse.

Despite being a psychopath, she understood the complex emotions of Park Yeon Jin, who loved her daughter as much as herself, in her first villain role.

Song Hye Kyo, who has shown her strength in romantic roles so far, challenged herself in her first genre work and received acclaim for her acting.

In particular, the scene where Moon Dong Won clings onto her mother Jung Mi Hee (played by Park Ji Ah) and cries in Season 2 is considered the best scene in the series.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon chose the upcoming SBS drama “National Life-Saving Vote” as her next work, while Song Hye Kyo is positively considering the OTT series “The Price of Confession.”



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