Despite Strong Fanbase, TWICE’s “READY TO BE” Album Struggles on Music Charts – Netizens are Confuzzled

“The new song is showing poor streaming results.”

On March 10th, TWICE released their mini 12th album ‘READY TO BE’ and made a comeback.

Prior to the album release, TWICE pre-released the English single ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ and on this day, they released all the tracks including the title track ‘SET ME FREE’, ‘GOT THE THRILLS’, ‘BLAME IT ON ME’, ‘WALLFLOWER’, ‘CRAZY STUPID LOVE’, and an English version of the title track.

‘READY TO BE’ contains TWICE‘s strong determination to break society’s gaze and prejudices and embrace their true selves.

Through the title track ‘SET ME FREE’, they conveyed a progressive message of promising to put everything on the line to protect the love they felt after realizing their true selves beneath the groovy bass line and simple yet powerful sound.

As they are undoubtedly one of the representatives of the third generation of K-pop girl groups, many people expected TWICE to achieve good streaming results.

However, somewhat surprising results have been achieved.

On the daily chart of Korea’s largest music streaming site, Melon, the title track ‘SET ME FREE’ ranked 83rd on the release day and dropped to 101st the next day.

Currently, ‘SET ME FREE’ is not even in the top 100, and the same goes for the other tracks.

It was quite surprising that the TWICE title track fell out of the top 100 in just one day, and some netizens expressed disappointment in the song.

Some are even speculating that it might be past its prime due to the years that have passed since their debut.

However, as of the 10th, ‘READY TO BE’ topped the daily chart of the Hanteo album and Circle Chart Retail Album.

The ‘SET ME FREE’ music video also maintained its spot at the top of the YouTube music video trending worldwide for three consecutive days from the day of its release until the 12th.

Since their debut in 2015, TWICE has had many songs, including ‘TT’, ‘SIGNAL’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘Heart Shaker’, and ‘YES or YES’, reach number one.

Their influence is still strong enough to win the ‘Breakthrough Artist’ award at the recent 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards as the first K-pop female artist.

The new songs released this time can certainly show a significant rise in streaming rankings through future comeback activities.

It remains to be seen whether TWICE can demonstrate the power of K-pop’s representative girl group.



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