“Physical: 100” Shim Eutteum Show How to Rock the Same Lingerie as BLACKPINK’s Jennie but with Different Charms

The “‘Physical: 100‘ contestant, Shim Eutteum, showed off her luxurious figure.

Recently, Shim Eutteum posted several pictures of herself wearing revealing underwear that showcased her body.

With her small, delicate frame, she flaunted well-defined muscles and abs that caught people’s attention.

She showed off her flawless body lines and fresh beauty in various poses, leaving people in awe.

The underwear Shim Eutteum wore was from a brand modeled by Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, whose photo shoot in the same underwear also garnered attention.

Jennie also displayed her luxurious figure, showing off her unique charm that captured the hearts of fans.

Both of them wore the same clothes but highlighted their individual charms, leaving fans in awe.

Meanwhile, Shim Eutteum gained attention for demonstrating her strength from her small frame on the popular Netflix variety show ‘Physical: 100‘.”



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