Grace Van Dien Takes Break from Entertainment Industry After Harassment Allegations

Actor Grace Van Dien, who appeared in the Netflix drama series “Stranger Things,” has announced a halt to her entertainment career, citing sexual harassment.

On March 9th , entertainment media Variety reported on an interview with Grace Van Dien, stating that she had refused all roles after being sexually harassed by a movie producer.

In the interview, Grace revealed that she had refused four casting offers in the past two weeks and will focus on her ongoing personal Twitch streaming broadcasts.

She stated that “when I refused all roles, some people were angry. But the fact that they should know is that I had the worst experience in the last few projects I worked on,” and she exposed that one producer had asked her to have sex with several people at the shooting site.

He is my boss, and I tried not to cry, but it was hard,” she said, adding, “I’m happy doing my personal broadcasts, and I’m currently developing my own projects. I hope someone will support me financially, so I can manage my own shooting site and not have to ask actors to sleep with me.”

Grace Van Dien, born in 1996 and currently 28 years old, has appeared in films such as “Beauty and the Beast” and recently appeared in the Netflix original series “Stranger Things 4.”



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